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Largest Selection of Decorations

Welcome to our store, where you will find the largest selection of decorative lights! Whether you’re looking to create a cozy ambiance at home or add a touch of magic to your special events, we have the perfect lights for you. From stunning string lights to elegant fairy lights, our extensive collection offers a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes to suit any occasion. Illuminate your space with our high-quality and energy-efficient decorations, guaranteed to enhance the beauty of any setting. Discover the endless possibilities and let our lights bring warmth and joy to your life.

Professional, Responsive Installation

Professional installation of decoration lights by Our expert team transforms your space into a stunning masterpiece. We handle various lights with precision and adhere to safety standards. Timely service, minimal disruptions. Ongoing support and maintenance. Illuminate your space with us!

Decoration Leasing and Storage

Leasing decorations is an environmentally and budget-friendly way to host Christmas light exhibits. With decoration leasing, we offer all-in-one pricing with no surprise charges. This includes the product, installation, maintenance, removal at the end of the season and storage in one of our many warehouses during the off-season. A major benefit is a predictable budget each year.

Custom Decoration Design

Partner with our creative design team to deliver the perfect Christmas experience for your visitors. We build custom decorations of any size, shape and complexity. From large to small, we work with our established network of manufacturers to fabricate, deliver and assemble exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces.

Professional Light Installers & Light Decorators

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What customers say about our service.

I have used them twice and they do a really professional job in a timely manner for a fair price. Cleaned up every leaf and twig.
Highly recommend their services.
David T | Bartlett, TN