Remodeling Services


18 Primos Solutions specialise in renovations and extensions along with custom built new homes. We see the physical side of construction as the simple side. With over 44 years of combined experience in the construction industry; it is our ability to translate the processes, identify design faults and offer solutions in a simplistic and interactive approach which sets us apart. We believe a personalised experienced is paramount to a successful build, therefore our clients are involved every step of the way.
From architecturally built homes, complicated and intricate extensions to applying sustainable and energy efficient building practices; each job is a chance to innovate and create something unique that each client is ecstatic to live in. This type of building provides a challenge and requires a significant level of detail which is something we embrace.


Simplicity where it counts. Translating the entire process from concept to completion.


True masters of their craft, every contractor right through to the BCT team.

Two generations of builders, a Modern Classic