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Trimming & Pruning

Keeping your trees healthy and maintaining their safety involves a variety of methods and skills. Trimming or pruning reduces the risk of failure of a weak or dead branch, provides clearance, reduces shade and wind resistance, manages tree health as well as flower or fruit production. It can also improve aesthetics and structure or save a storm damaged tree from further problems.

The main types of pruning and trimming are:

Cleaning/Dead Wooding - The removal of dead, diseased and broken branches. This include unwanted nests from web warms and other critters.
Thinning – Selectively reducing the density in the canopy of the tree, allowing for more overall sun exposure and less wind resistance.
Raising - Often used to raise the tree’s canopy for vertical clearance over your home or other structures, or walkways Reduction – Selective cutting to decrease height and spread, and overall weight of a limb, without having to fully remove limb and lose shape or stability

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