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Trees apart from being beneficial to the world are beautiful to have around us, After determined efforts to preserve and care for them are unsuccessful, they sometimes have to be removed. Here are some common reasons trees need to be removed:

Dead Trees- Once a tree has died there is nothing more to do, but to remove it. This is necessary because a dead tree will slowly lose strength, and lose its ability to withstand storms or extra weight. Hazardous storms of any sort and winds can break off branches or bring down a dead tree, causing harm to whatever stands in its way.

Damaged Trees- Sometimes healthy trees experience unavoidable damage.  Severe weather such as thunderstorms or winter storms have the potential to damage trees.  In particular, lightning strikes can mortally injure a tree.

Diseased Trees- One major cause of tree death is disease. Sometimes you may not know that a tree has been infected until irreversible damage has already occurred.

Encroached Trees- Healthy and thriving trees often effect their ever changing surroundings. Their roots grow into housing foundations and branches into high voltage power lines or roofs.

Annoying Trees- Some healthy trees can be a nuisance. They shed seeds or fruit, drop more limbs or leaves than you can manage. Although this is based on personal preference, you can chose to remove it. When considering removing a tree, it is important to consult with our team of experts. Tree removals can be complex, so we advise you leave the work to the professionals. Not only do our trained and knowledgeable staff know how to use safe procedures, they are also efficient at the removal process. Our team is knowledgeable in all types of removal scenarios and will proceed with the greatest care and concern for your property. When removing a tree, we will look at the following issues and conditions:

• The tree’s height and diameter
• The location of the tree
• The potential hazardous conditions that the tree may be in
• The type of equipment needed to remove it
• The need for debris and stump removal

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